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Top Jewish Dating Rules

Top Jewish Dating Rules
This articles is all about the right way to look for your Jewish Soulmate, and has great tips in helping you success in finding your true Jewish Soulmate.

#1 Don't judge a person on the first date

The first impression is always importent but sometime the other person maybe shy or takes them time to open up, if there is a possible connection then might be worth a second date. Don't have too much expectations on the first date, let things happen naturally. It could even take a few dates until the other person opens up and gets out of their shell, if the first date is really bad then it is a diffeent story.

2# Be your self at all times

You can't change who you are and if your date likes you then you should be liked for who you are and not who you can be transform into. It is great to develop your self and be the best that you can be but you need to do it for your self and not in order to please someone else. You can't change your self but you can better your self and that can help attract your Jewish Soulmate. An important question to ask your self is Do I feel safe expressing my feelings and thoughts with this person?

#3 Jews grow in the love and don't fall in love

A lot of religious people beleive in growing in love, in the old days they have met a person and went out a few times to see if there was a connection. With in a few month they got engaged and married, they fell in love with their other half within time. You don't get to know a person within a few dates or over night, it can even take a life time to totally get to know a person. One of the most important things is communication, and giving time to get to know the other person.

#4 Don't date a person with the intention of changing them, you should like them for who they are.

You should find a Jewish Soulmate who you like for who they are "As Is" and not for who you can change them into, of course you both will grow and change through but the growth has to come from inside both sides. It isn't something that you can force but will happen on its own. If you cannot fully accept this person the way they are now, then you are not ready to marry them.


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