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Real Love

Real Love
The promise of love seems to be everywhere. It’s promised in advertisements, in having a pet and in relationships, but real love is found in sacrifice, forgiveness and commitment. Love is not just an emotion of good feelings, but instead it is the desire to be with someone that you put their needs, desires and wants before your own.

If you find it difficult to be in relationships, the issue may not be the other people, but a lack of true love found in practice within your own life. Love is selfless, but many times the motivation of your heart to get into a romantic relationship may be self-centered. You may be looking for companionship and your needs being met, which is not a bad thing, but if this is your only motive for entering a relationship, you may always find yourself unsatisfied. 

Love is rooted in ensuring the safety of the other person. This may mean that you need to apologize more, change behaviors and go to the restaurant that your partner wants. You may have to limit how much you engage in certain hobbies to spend more time with the person you’re in a relationship with. 

Real love is committed and always wants to improve the relationship, even if times get difficult. Difficulty can either draw you closer to your partner or place a greater separation. It’s how you handle the difficulty that will determine the outcome.

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