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Articles Blog by JSoulmate

  • Top Jewish Dating Rules

    Top Jewish Dating Rules
    This articles is all about the right way to look for your Jewish Soulmate, and has great tips in helping you success in finding your true Jewish Soulmate.
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  • First Jewish Date Ideas

    First Jewish Date Ideas
    First dates are usually the hardest and sometimes it is hard to find the right place.
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  • Finding my Jewish Soulmate

    Finding my Jewish Soulmate
    Finding the right person is not easy but most people have friends and through one person you can meet many new people and hopefully your Jewish Soulmate.
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  • Why Jsoulmate or dating sites?

    Why Jsoulmate or dating sites?
    Online dating has been one of the fastest way to meet Jewish singles in your area, it helps out people that have a busy schedule and can't attend events.
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  • First Date Ideas

    First Date Ideas
    A first date is very important for a first impression, you don’t want to go to a place that is too loud like a club or movie were you cannot talk to the person or get to know them. You should do a movie night on a different night.
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  • Dinner or No dinner on first date?

    Dinner or No dinner on first date?
    A lot of guys keep asking and wondering if it is a good idea to go to dinner on a first date with someone that have been speaking with on a dating site or have never met in person. In my opinion you don’t need to go to dinner on a first date, you can go for coffee or a dink, it isn’t always about the amount of money that you spend on the first date or impressing the person.
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  • Jewish singles Dating Recovery

    Jewish singles Dating Recovery
    So what if you inadvertently did something wrong? Anything that goes on in a relationship should be black and white. We must remember that we are not perfect and that we should not force perfection on others.
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  • How to Build a Meaningful Jewish Relationship

    How to Build a Meaningful Jewish Relationship
    Marriage was meant to be an once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. This is where one person would devote their entire life to be with another. In today’s world, this devotion would not last till death, but in many cases relationships would not even make it to three years.
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  • Opposites Attract

    Opposites Attract
    Opposites attract. It’s the age old mantra. It can be amusingly true: the very tall guy ends up with the chic who is five foot two, counting her four inch heals! The lively conversationalist may end up with a pensive, date, who listens well and asks good questions.
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  • First Date Creativity

    First Date Creativity
    A first date can be the most nerve racking date of the entire relationship. Two people, who are probably at most acquaintances, go out for the evening with the intention of really getting to know each other. Butterflies, sweaty palms, nervous tendencies. People can forget about being nervous, and just enjoy themselves on their first date. Here are some ideas for some low stress first dates.
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  • Finding Love

    Finding Love
    When looking for a romantic relationship, there are a few items you should follow to ensure you find someone that you will find fulfillment with. Finding love isn’t easy and can take time and effort. Don’t lose heart if you don’t find love within the first few days of looking. You may have to interact with a few people before you discover that one person that you feel a connection with.
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  • Real Love

    Real Love
    The promise of love seems to be everywhere. It’s promised in advertisements, in having a pet and in relationships, but real love is found in sacrifice, forgiveness and commitment. Love is not just an emotion of good feelings, but instead it is the desire to be with someone that you put their needs, desires and wants before your own.
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